Taikyokuken Zen (meaning All About Tai Chi Chuan) Written by Hidemine Jibiki

Known as Father of Tai Chi Chuan(T'ai-Chi Ch'uan), Wang Shu-chin is considered to be one of the most eminent Chinese martial arts experts of the 20th century. In this book, Hidemine Jibiki provides comprehensive explanations on Tai Chi Chuan, transmitted by Wang Shu-chin, the grandmaster of the style. Numerous photos featuring performances of Wang Fu-lai, the successor of Wang Shu-chin, are included. A chronological table presenting the history of Tai Chi Chuan(T'ai-Chi Ch'uan), a chart of successive masters of the school as well as a glossary of terms and words regarding Tai Chi Chuan(T'ai-Chi Ch'uan) are provided.
Remarks: The book is written in Japanese and no English translation is available.
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