Wang Shu Chin

The unsurpassed master of Chinese martial arts who brought Tai Chi, Hsing-I Chuan (Xing-Yi), and Ba Gua Zhang(Pa Kua) to Japan

Born in Tientsin in 1905; died in Taiwan in 1981. Wang's great potential was recognized early in his youth. He studied under such illustrious masters as Chang Chao-tung (Chan-kuei), Wang Hsiang-tsai, and Hsiao Hai-po. He came to Japan for the first time in 1959 and attracted a great deal of attention. Numerous episodes surround his life - such as the time he exchanged blows with the great Jack Dempsey, which catapulted the fame of his legendary strength around the world. He is said to have changed the history of martial arts in China; and, indeed, he was an instrumental member of the committee that created Orthodox Tai Chi Chuan(T'ai-Chi Ch'uan) in 1929 in Nanking. He also had a great influence on martial arts in Japan, beginning a boom in Chinese forms that continues to this day. He was a 3rd-generation master of Ba Gua Zhang(Pa Kua) in the lineage of the modern-day founder, Tung Hai-Ch'uan. Through Chang, he was also the Grandmaster of the Chung-nan lineage of Hsing-I Chuan (Xing-Yi).