All About the AJSSMAF

In 1980, Master Hidemine Jibiki founded the Japan Chapter of the International Cheng-ming Kung-fu Association at the request of its President, Wang Shu-chin. He also was asked by the Taiwanese governmental organization known as the International Chinese Kuoshu Federation to serve as its Japan branch. At the same time, since he was also teaching Daitô-ryû Aiki-bujutsu and Shin Kage-ryû techniques, he wanted to have a training hall where those arts could continue to be taught. Therefore, Master Jibiki consolidated the three and established the AJSSMAF. At present, there are over 50 branches throughout Japan; in addition, many of its former students have set up branches in Israel, the U.K., the U.S., France, and other nations. Currently, there are over 2000 students registered as active members. For more information on the training offered, see some of the other areas of this website.